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The Gift of Hope

What is Hope? For me, having hope reminds me that it is possible to have, be and create a different world. Hope is a catalyst to take action, to keep momentum going. Without hope we stay the same. We stay stagnant. We stay complacent.

Hope is the magic dust that is sprinkled on us to take action towards dreaming of what else is available for us. It inspires us to want to try. To want to do something towards creating a life we love.

We all have hopes and dreams of what we would love to do and be. The key is to know it is available to us with the help of hope. Allow yourself to connect within and dream of what is possible for you. Start small and do that. Make small sustainable changes to start with and allow the magic of hope to create for you.

Hope also gives us the gift of really looking at what our beliefs are in regards to what we think we deserve or can have and do in our life. Our beliefs will come into play when we dare to hope for a different world for ourselves. We hear the internal programming of lack, doubt, fear, uncertainty. It will be uncomfortable as you look and sit with this. Hope takes you by the hand and lovingly guides you to dream, take action and show you the way. Hold on and keep going. Each step you take will lead you towards creating sustainable change and changing those beliefs.

What do you hope for? Take time to explore this and see where it leads you. Put on some relaxing music, sit comfortably and focus on your breathing. Feel yourself relax, allow your thoughts to wander and let it flow. Ask - what do I hope for? See what shows up. You are worth it. Take the time to reconnect with you.

Write down your dreams and desires. Just start.

Create an action plan.

Make each step sustainable and achievable.

Look at what beliefs come up and really question the validity of them. Do you really believe this about you or were you programmed to believe other people’s perceptions of you?

Commit to you.

Here are a few things that I hope for:

a world filled with love and kindness a safe world for us all to live in freely a world where we respect our different perspectives, ideas and opinions a world where we all have opportunities and possibilities and go forward fearlessly a world where we help each other without conditions I hope for many more things in this world. I hope for us to join together and create the change we know is possible right now. Join together with love and kindness. With love and gratitude Jacq xx

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