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I help you create create a life you love.

Our world is constantly changing and I help hold space for this change to occur. Many people are requiring support right now to help transition through these changes and integrate the changing energies into their life. We are all connected and I work with you to help you have a deeper connection to yourself and see the beauty within.  I assist you with this through my Mentoring Sessions and online programs. I look forward to connecting with you.


Client Love:

Jacqueline's ability to intuitively connect has never ceased to amaze me over the years. Her spirit and generosity with her messages are always shared with reflection and timed with love. Would highly recommend her.


Mardi Finlay

Jacqueline's Story

Who am I? I am a spiritual being who has chosen to be here at this time. To experience life and to share my unique gifts with you all.

I have questioned this many times as to WHY am I here? Maybe you have been questioning as well?

This questioning has lead me on a life long adventure of exploration, learning and choosing experiences to help me in discovering why am I here? I have always asked lots of questions, questioned why, looked deep within myself and have been very honest with who I am, what I choose, Why I choose it and how can I use what I know to make changes in my life and create a life that I love. This hasn't always been an easy journey, in fact there has been times where I questioned is this really worth it? I don't have all the answers but I am willing to ask the questions.

Life often showed me that when I listened to my inner knowing, life would flow with ease. When I went against my own knowing, life wasn't so easy. I have looked at this and what I discovered was that I had an underlying belief that "Life is meant to be hard. You have to work hard for everything." Even when I knew that listening to my own knowing and following that, would bring about ease. This underlying belief would come up and I would choose to go against myself. Lucky now I catch on pretty quick and make changes quicker. I've gotten good at listening and making different choices when needed. When we become aware of the beliefs that drive our life choices, we can choose to change it if we wish to. 

My whole life I knew there was more and in my 20's I learnt Reiki, even before it became a thing. I was drawn to it. I have done various workshops over the years but soon came to realise that energy is energy. This lead me to start listening and paying attention to the energy that surrounds us each day. I started by paying attention to how I felt around someone or how I felt about a situation, I would listen to what people would say...really listen and before I knew it I would be talking with people and I would see patterns and words would come to me. I was mindful not to blurt them out and I have my own checking system as to whether or not to say something. What I learnt was that even if I thought it was strange when I shared what had come through, the person would look at me and say Yes. Yes exactly that. This built my trust in what I was guided to do and share and have been dabbling in this my whole life.

Here I am now, ready to share this with you all and be of service. I  am here to guide you to connect within to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, find clarity, hope and trust that you will know what is true for you.


I live on the Sunshine Coast with my two teenage children, love spending quality time with family and friends, love doing yoga, going to the beach and having adventures.

Client Love

When you step into a workshop run by Jacqueline, you are stepping into a new found world of self authenticity, and that is extremely hard to find. You learn how to start to feel good about yourself, you thought you knew, but you really didn't. You learn how to break down barriers and you know that you are in a safe place to be able to do that, with the support that you require to do it comfortably. It doesn't take weeks to feel the shift, well not in my case, I felt it instantly.

Jacqueline herself, is a breath of fresh air, she brightens any room she enters and you feel her presence straight away as the heavy energy dissipates and happiness and positivity permeates the surroundings in its place, the feeling is tangible when Jaqueline is around.

When Jacqueline assists you either one on one or in a workshop you will grow in so many ways and so if you miss out this time be sure to go on the waitlist because you do not want to miss out next time. It is an experience you do not want to miss out on this lifetime.

Thank you for all you do, Jacqueline.

It is an honour to be continually assisted by you.

Faith Beaumont

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