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Mentoring Session - YES, I'm in!

The session is for 1hour either face to face or via zoom.

We will work together where I intuitively guide you and connect with what is going on energetically for you and start shifting any areas you may be "stuck" in.


Are you ready to connect to yourself?


Would you love more:


  • Connection to self

  • Clarity around your life -  relationships, career, family, business, ideas and opportunities

  • Clear/rephrase beliefs and stories that keep you from moving forward

  • Energy, peace and feel renewed

  • Learn to trust your own guidance and connect to your truth

  • Feel empowered to create a life you love

  • Are you ready to be more of who you are and shine in the world

YES.....then connect with Jacqueline via mobile or email and she will book your session. Contact details are below.


When you have made contact Jacqueline will send you confirmation of your booking and payment method options. If payment is via bank deposit, it must be paid for prior to the session.

You will be sent information on what to prepare prior to your session to ensure you receive as much as you are willing to receive. 

With Gratitude for YOU.

Jacqueline xx

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Connecting with Jacqueline

Are you ready to have a deeper connection with yourself? 


Connect with Jacqueline for a Mentoring Session and let her guide you to your truth.

Mobile: 0432 251 613

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