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Collective Connection

This months article is a little different to what I usually share. I’m sharing with you an experience I had on collective connection. A topic that has been coming up for awhile for me. What does collective connection look like? How do we connect with ourselves, with others, with source? I’ve often felt that when I am going through an experience that I am the only one going through it and then I find out that others have had similar experiences or felt the same. I believe that we are all connected and we become aware of each other, even if we don’t know it at the time. An example is- when you think of someone and they call. I’ve had this often. Our thoughts, feelings, intuition are always on and from my experience it all goes out into the world and connects with others. They become aware of our thoughts, feelings and we become aware of theirs. We just do this as the amazing souls that we are. It’s time for us to be more aware of what this creates collectively. What are you wanting to create collectively? I know for me it’s about creating more love, kindness, peace and understanding in our world. When we collectively connect we are stronger, more aware, more conscious and certainly have more energy to shift and change what we see happening in the world. We may think we are alone and disconnected but we are not. We are part of something far greater.

Collectively when we connect, we create the change we know is available to us. We are stronger together and it is time to stand as one.

My experience this last past week has shown me that connecting with others creates greater change. Yes, this may sound woo woo and that’s ok. Ask yourself as you read to see if this feels true for you and where are you potentially collectively connected to create the change you know is awaiting us.

A beautiful friend and her daughter stayed with me for a week. I was gifted a Bowen treatment for which my body was very grateful. That evening as we relaxed we started talking about the last few years and what has been created, how our lives changed and much more. Before I knew it she asked me some questions and that was it, I was in my zone. My zone of seeing the energy of what has been created. I will keep it simple as a lot happened. If it resonates with you, I invite you to tune into the energy of it and trust what you know.

What I was shown was many portals of various sizes. My understanding of portals is they are a way of connecting with other timelines and dimensions. (That’s the simple version)

What I saw was a grid appear to the right of me. This grid which was flat, it started weaving together in this part of the world. It looked like a spider weaving it’s web, strong, determined and creating a solid foundation. I became aware of other souls connecting in. I sat in this energy as I saw this magic unfold. I spoke to my friend and shared what I was seeing. The energy shifted to the left of me and I became aware that the grid was not being laid. My friend and I spoke and asked what was that about and what we received was that we needed to connect with those souls in that part of the world(I was told was Spain and all of Europe). I asked to connect and like magic the grid expanded and started weaving its magic their and then created a grid over the world.

What showed up next was the grid expanding upwards and I saw the crystal selenite being created. It was building itself upwards through all Dimensions. I felt love, peace and connection with all. I started questioning what I was seeing and if the others who were connected to this knew they were also connected? My beautiful magical friend said they will know they are, just like we know we are. As souls we know. Trust that. We may not have confirmation via talking to confirm but our soul knows.

We sat in this energy for a time and filled our hearts, we collectively connected to create the change we know is possible. It was a beautiful experience. I woke the next morning and it was made clear that this is what I would write about.

There are many of us called to hold space, connect and share what we know. It’s time. Each of us plays a part in creating a new world. We are all collectively connected and we are all aware of each other. Trust what you know. Reach out, connect where you can and see the magic that can be created.

With Love and Gratitude

Jacq xx

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