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Becoming Curious about what is possbile

Anytime you give your power away to something external, you are disconnecting from you. You are focusing your energy on the world around you and not the world within you. Look within and connect to you. This is where you will find the magic, the beauty, the love, the kindness, the joy and happiness you desire.” Jacqueline Murray

What a truly beautiful, turbulent ever changing time we are living in. It's a time where if we dare to, we can create a world that many of us know is possible. A world where there is growth, love, kindness, compassion for each other and a real evolution for souls to happen. We are in a time where it is time to look within and see ourselves. See ourselves as we have never allowed ourselves to before. Each of us has this knowing deep within, deep within that place that we tend to steer clear of. We've locked it away for many lifetimes and may have only let it out in moments. What if now was the time to fully look within and connect to this place that is home, that is you? What if?

I'd like to share with you an excerpt from a book I am writing that was from a moment a few years ago when I was going through some major changes within my world.

When she thought she had nothing left - she Looked Within and saw it, a tiny spark that flickered - capturing her attention. Curiosity took her on a path to look closer. As she drew closer, she could see that it was time to breathe more life into it. If there was any hope of the spark becoming brighter then it was time she gave it some focus and breathe. She didn't know if she had it within her. She felt as though she had nothing left. Would she ever not feel the intensity of pain that filled her heart? She took a deep breath, expanded her energy and filled her heart with love and gratitude for those that have caught her as she stumbled and fell. She thanked them with all her heart. The tiny sparkle of hope grew and it surrounded her with hope, strength, determination and a deep knowing that she could do this. Even in her darkest, most sacred moments, she knew she could do it.

It is time for us all to get curious about feeding and fuelling our spark. You may not know what that is but it is time to look. To look within and listen to the whispering of your soul as it reminds you. Are you ready to open your heart and listen?

For me being me is about what I do daily that connects me to me and to those around me. It can be as simple as a smile, a hug, a kind word that changes the energy of a moment or an interaction with another. It could be taking care of your own wellbeing that creates and changes you that then radiates out to the world. What if this is enough of a spark for others to also choose differently? It's in the simplicity that consistent change and growth occurs.

The time is now for us to know that we do have more within us, more to give, more to do here. You might be tired and wonder if it is at all possible for our world to change and have peace here on earth. It is possible. This is where you and your beautiful light filled being contributes to this. Take the time to rest, to nurture you, to love you and to look within and see that tiny spark that is waiting for you to ignite it. For you to breathe light into it and watch as the intensity of your light grows and radiates out for all to see and connect with. What if more of us shone our light and connected with each other? What could we create?

I'm asked many times about how to do this? How do I look within? What does it even mean? Easy yet not so easy. It starts with one small action consistently. Here are a few things that I started with and still do as needed.

Heart Connection - I use this whenever I feel disconnected from me. For example - when I don't feel like I am being present in my life or when I feel like I need some love. I find this keeps me centred and calm.

  • Left hand over belly button

  • Right hand over heart

  • This connects you to your body and heart

  • Take a deep breathe in and let it all out

  • Feel yourself relax

  • Be present with your body

  • Take a deep breath and let it out

  • Be aware of what comes up for you

  • Any feelings, words, pay attention to them

  • Take a deep breath and when you are ready open your eyes

  • Write any thoughts or feelings down if needed

Thymus Tapping – just below your throat area on your chest bone where it is raised a bit. I came across this about 13 years ago when I was going through a very challenging time. I didn't know till many years later that I was tapping on my Thymus. I started doing it automatically. The tapping would often start off really fast when I was anxious or overwhelmed and as my emotions and energy regulated themselves the tapping would slow. While tapping it is also good to focus on regulating your breathing.

Affirmations - I have affirmations to remind me to focus on what I would love in my life. We receive what we focus on. Rewiring our brain to look for what is good and what we want takes time. Especially when we might have been focused all our life on the not so good. Here a few that I use:

  • Today I will let life flow. I will trust that life brings me all that I desire.

  • Today I will make choices that empower and inspire me to create a life I love?

  • Today I will look at myself lovingly. I will be kind, caring and grateful for all that I BE.

  • Today I will let go of things that no longer work for me. I know that change is necessary for this process to take place.

Using these techniques work in the moment and are a start for looking within. There are many other wellness techniques, strategies and professional services that you can choose from. I chose these as they are simple to use and can be used now to get you started. If you are wanting to make changes and not sure how to go about it or where to start. I do one on one sessions with clients either face to face or via zoom. With Love and Gratitude

Jacq xx

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