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Back to Basics: Making sustainable life changes

One of the most common themes I come across when working with clients is creating changes that are sustainable and simple. I call it back to basics. People have become so stressed about life and all that is happening around them that they have lost their own sense of self, sense of who they are and what they want in their life. We fill our lives with work, relationships, managing finances, seeing what is happening in our world, buying stuff that we don’t need and adding more and more to our days that we can often feel like we are on a hamster wheel and cant get off. We know we need to make changes but when it feels like life is spinning it can be difficult to stop a moment and even know where to start with bringing life back to basics.

This is something I started doing over 10 years ago. Life had gotten too full and there was no time for me, well I didn’t create time. My internal programming was “I’m so busy and there is no time for me.” Well it took some undoing and this has changed. Now I have lots of time for me and the difference was bringing life back to basics. It took alot for me to stop and just take a moment to breathe and be honest with myself and what I was filling my life up with and what was important to me. It was well worth taking the time to make these changes. One area where I never made time for was to eat. I had convinced myself that I was too busy and would live off coffee. This wasn’t sustainable and as you can imagine affected my health. I stopped and looked at what I was being busy with and let go of things that really were not important. I made the time to make a meal for myself and eat it. They would be simple meals. What this did was provide me with space and not feel overwhelmed while I created sustainable changes. Each day while making these changes I would be very conscious of what I was doing as I had to really think about what to make. Keeping it simple made the transition easier. This for me took awhile to change and I still have moments but I stop and bring myself back to basics and what is important to me. My health is important and a priority.

Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about where you can bring your life back to basics. Back to a neutral ground to then add more of what is important to you.

1. Start with consciously making the choice that you are going to make some changes. Acknowledging that you need to make changes is a great place to start.

2. Be comfortable that this may be uncomfortable for you. There will be items, people, activities that you will end up letting go off.

3. Ask yourself: What is important to me? What do I value? What do I want to have in my life? What drains my energy? What can I let go off? Asking questions creates a space in our world that allows the energy to flow and allows us to look within and be honest with ourselves.

4. Look at your daily schedule and see where there is space for you. Book in that time for yourself, just like you would book in any other appointment. Honour your time as much as you honour the time for other people and activities.

5. Look at each area of your life and see what you can let go of. What relationships no longer honour you? How do I feel about my job? Is it time to change? Where can I simplify my life? What can I let go off? Yes it can be hard at the start. We are so attached to what we have in our life that these changes will stir up your beliefs and values and this is ok. It’s time.

6. Find a mentor or even a trusted friend that can help you with this. Bit by bit start making the changes that bring life back to the basics. Back to basics will give you more time and more space. From this place we can create sustainable meaningful changes.

7. Say NO. Say no to anything that you do not want in your life. Stop saying yes from autopilot, as that is what you have always done. Time to say no and get back to basics.

Be honest with yourself, you know what needs to be changed. Life is a beautiful gift. Making changes requires you to be conscious of the choices you are making, takes time and effort. Bring your life back to basics and reset your life. You are worth it.

If you would love some assistance please reach out. I would love to hear from you.

With Love and Gratitude

Jacq xx

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