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A Channeled message of love, clarity and peace

I have done something different this month and have channeled the message. Hoping it brings you love, clarity and peace xx

Hello Dear Ones, we know that there is much change now as the world transitions into something it never has before. We are seeing events take place that many of you will not have experienced before or would even think you would be part of. Know that you are here to help transition into this new way of life. Many of you have been doing your own healing, transitions and assisting those around you and we love that you are doing this. Please keep shining your light so that others may also find their way. Collectively you all contribute to the changes coming. We know that there are days that you do not want to be here and you find yourself disconnecting from your body. We ask that you stay present, grounded and in your body. Pay attention to what is happening within and around you. You do not need to jump into the energy of what you don't like, but we ask that you see it and be aware of what is taking place. Hold it in your heart and send the event, person or situation love and watch as it transforms. Change is occuring at a greater speed than it ever has before and what you ask for and think appears quicker. Be mindful of what you think, feel and say, as it will show up. Show yourself and humanity that love is the way. Spend more time learning and loving yourself. Give yourself permission to spend time on you. Be present with yourself and all that is going on. Be a shining light for others who may be hesitant in choosing for themselves and loving themselves. It is time for humanity to love and connect with their inner truth, their internal love for themselves. This love will keep them in good stead for what is coming. Where can you love more? We ask that you trust yourself and what you know is true. You may not see it all and know all the steps yet and this is ok. We ask that you trust, really trust that those whispers of your soul know what is needed before you even see it in your world. Let go of the anger, pain, resentment, fear, doubt and guilt that stop you taking action on what you know deep within you to be true. Start that project, start making changes in areas of your life that you know are needed. Just start now. With each step you take more will be revealed, trust this. Momentum will start to happen when you take more action, trust. Take a look at your life and what you have filled it up with. Take stock of it all and reassess the importance of it. What is required to stay in your life? What is required to be changed? What is required to be let go off? Trust the awareness you receive and take action. It may feel uncomfortable and this is ok. It is time for you to create space in your world. Space for you to stop, reflect and start including more of what you would love to have in your life. Humanity needs you to clear out the old ways of being, the old stories, old limiting beliefs that have kept you where you are and looping back into the old. It's a fresh start for humanity and we need you to do this. It is time. Deep within your heart space, that space where your truth lay, you know it is time. Trust it. We love and cherish each of you for being here at this time and contributing to the new way that you all know is possible. Much love xx

If you are wanting to make changes and not sure how to go about it or where to start. I do one on one sessions with clients either face to face or via zoom. With Love and Gratitude

Jacq xx

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